I Have A Dream for my Daughter

There was a time when women once had dreams of freedom. We dreamed that we would have the right to vote, and our voices would be heard. We dreamed of becoming leaders in our communities, so that we could make a difference. We dreamed of having a choice about our bodies, and when we bring a child into the world. We dreamed of getting an education. We dreamed of working outside of our homes, and have the right to all the same jobs men. To many it would seem that we have gained these freedoms, especially here in the West, and that our process of liberation is complete.


So here are my questions to you…

Why does a woman still feel that she is never enough?

Why does a women spend thousands of dollars on cosmetics to make herself look beautiful?

Why does the average woman earn 32 cents less than the average man?

Why does our country go to war, when in the hearts of so many women, they scream No?

Why do so many women feel silenced, afraid to speak their truth?


Women, we can never truly be liberated until we free ourselves from the shackles of our own minds.

Our thoughts create our reality, and if we hold on to conditioning that kept us safe, yet small, we will never be free to be ourselves, to own what it truly means to be a woman in this feminine form.

Women, we can never be satisfied until we remember that we are sacred.

We can never be satisfied until we remember our intrinsic value as women. Let us remember that our power lies in the strength of our hearts, and not in the rejection of our own wanting. Let us remember that we give birth to the future of tomorrow. Let us remember that if we stand together, we can end the violence in this world by educating every man, woman and child. No, we can never be satisfied while we limit ourselves by believing that we are somehow not enough.

Women of America, we are enough!


Yes, we have experienced a taste of freedom. But we are never truly free until we break the bonds of disempowerment we have known for thousands of years.

It has been programmed into us. Women, we have been raped, tortured, burned at the stake, put down, shut out, imprisoned, silenced, but now is the time to set ourselves free and live the truth of who we are.  Now is the time to stop playing small. Now is the time to let our voices be heard. 

I have a dream that my daughter will know her intrinsic worth as a woman. 

I have a dream that she will know how her body moves with the tides and the moon, and that she knows how to create life and how to let things die, letting go with ease and grace. I have a dream that she will continue to come together with other women in circles as we have done since the beginning of time, and remember the strength in our unity. I have a dream that she will remember the importance of our presence, that it’s not what she does but who she is that matters most. I have adream that she will feel empowered to meet her own needs and truly own her wanting. I have a dream that my daughter’s voice and all the other women’s voices will be heard around the world. 


When we take responsibility for our own freedom, we will remember that the key has been inside us all along. For every woman who finds her freedom, another follows in her footsteps. Let us rise up together and write the story of what it means to be a woman in the 21st century. Now is the time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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