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Our mission is to create a vibrant sisterhood of happy, healthy, holy women by transforming limiting beliefs and supporting each other's journeys.

5 Minute Find Your Presence Meditation I invite you to make yourself comfortable, sitting on a cushion on the floor or in a straight back chair – in a position that reflects wakefulness and dignity. If it is comfortable for you, I invite you to gently close your eyes and if not create a low…


Want to develop your Pause Practice? Try our Mindfulness App  Airin: A reminder to pause and breathe mindfully throughout the day to gain clarity & freedom. Learn more about Airin


1. Take the day off work Give yourself permission – you’re worth it! 2. Listen to your body’s alchemy What are you hungry for in life? What do you need to let go of to manifest your deepest desires? 3. Pour love into your food As a way to nourish & nurture your soul – this is…

It is an ancient custom to honor the four directions. I work with the four directions daily to help me maintain my inner sense of balance. It is a reminder of where I am each day (physically and in the bigger sense of my life!) and the importance of keeping in alignment with my inner truth….


10 Badass Women from Herstory Walking the path to freedom can be a difficult journey. There are many obstacles to overcome both inside and outside of ourselves. We want to remind you that there are many badass women who have walked this path before you! Here are some of our favorites badass women from history herstory. 10. Maya Angelou Writer….


Here at The Woman’s Network we are exploring our inner light… What does our inner light mean to us as women? And how do we find it? Finding our light is not always easy or obvious. Here’s an exercise you can do at home to bring more light and positivity into your life.

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