About Hannah Kinderlehrer

Hannah’s passion is supporting people’s journey of embodiment. She has studied African, contemporary, contact improvisation, 5 Rhythms and jazz. She holds a degree from Naropa University and has a is certified through the Peacemaker Institute. She has been a student of Shambhala Buddhism for over a decade. After discovering a direct connection between dancing, meditation and happiness, Hannah chose to share that through Awaken the Dance. She also co-leads BodyAlive!: sexuality circles using art and movment for women, offers private sessions and teaches embodiment, sensory exploration and movement to developmentally disabled adults. She lives in Boulder, CO with her enormously talented musician husband and adorably edible son.

“When we let go of the desire for self–improvement, we can relax with the mind instead of badgering it into well–being. By surrendering the battle with neurotic fixations, paradoxically they start to fall away, or at very least, the space created by dropping the struggle makes them seem less powerful, and loom less large.” Ed…


Dancing with Shadows “Spring is not the gentlest of seasons. It is as though too much has been waiting to happen; too much suppressed, packed down beneath the earth or pinned above the sky. Green shoots grow sharp and the clouds are unforgiving. Spring can be brutal, breaking open secrets. Dragging into light those things unseen…


Embodying Spring In this season of bursting, creating, blooming and coming to life- it seems as if everyone and everything around me is ecstatically happy. The birds have resumed their songs, the buds are pregnant with blossoms, and the college girls are already in tank tops and flip flops. Creative endeavors are the Facebook status…

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