About Kenya Brading

Kenya has always been a strong believer in the power of story, and is passionate about telling women's untold stories. There are many hidden stories in our bodies that must be remembered, honored, and released in order for us to live in true alignment with ourselves, with Spirit, and the Earth. Kenya is an advocate for the rebirth of the divine feminine and restoring the harmony of all things. She is a filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur, traveler, and spiritualist. She lives on a ranch in Boulder, Colorado and has been heavily involved with the creation of The Woman's Network.

Carrying our Belief Systems Over the past few years, I have spent an incredible amount of time and energy getting to know the deep, dark, juicy parts of myself in an attempt to become more mindful about my life choices. I am of the philosophy ‘No stone unturned’ so I am constantly waking up old…

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