About Tiffany Schultz

Tiffany is a compassionate, energetic, and experienced creative being. By embracing her experiences with a whole heart she’s received her PHD in Life. Her passion is to support emotional healing and self care through Art and creative expression. She is a certified Art4Healing® facilitator and member of the Art4Healing® Women’s guild that supports emotional healing through Art and creative expression. She is active with the Teen Project, an organization that supports teens exiting foster care. She is a certified Beat The Odds® Drum facilitator, an evidence based program that provides Social and Emotional skill building in a framework of drumming. She is currently enrolled in the UCLArts and Healing, Social and Emotional Arts (SEA) Certificate program. After living over a decade in Europe (France) traveling the world, she now calls California home. Spending her time between two continents, she continues to explore opportunities that benefit from her creative talents. To discover more about Tiffany visit: www.vivenciaart.com

We all have a story. We all have a voice. Art is where I found mine. For the majority of my life my voice was lost. Like the wind, my voice may have been  present, but rarely ever heard. Though my body was planted on earth, and I was breathing, I did not feel alive. Often…


Finding True Love in Motherhood Living life as a statistic was not easy. I was faced with difficult choices at a young age and societal pressure wasn’t on my side. Throughout high school I was so proud and happy to have a serious boyfriend.  He was my first true love. Our families did not approve of our love: think…

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