How to Become The Empress of your Money and your Life

As women, we have been designed to connect to the planet, the cosmos, and each other. We are creators. We are guides. We are intuitive. We are collaborators. We are nurturers. We are mothers of more than our children. We are mothers of life.

I am here to invite you to become an Empress of your Money and your Life.

To come together with others who realize that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  The ones who will vision and create the world through love and connection.


It’s not just about the women. It is about the feminine power rising in all of us, and women leading the way to honor it, embrace it, and become leaders from it, and ultimately balance it with the masculine energies in systems and the planet.

I became an Empress when I became sick with pneumonia.  I had given endless amounts of energy over a 10-year period to creating a positive social impact with my gifts by working with donors and investors to leverage their assets for sustainable change. As a single mother of two small children, I worked myself to the bone, traveling the world and meeting women and families improving their lives with our investments.  I thought the world outside of myself needed to change. While I was lying in bed with the illness, the mantra “nowhere to go, nothing to be, no one to be” kept repeating over and over. I fell into total surrender and asked my soul what it wanted to express and experience in this lifetime.

It said: to witness the true authentic souls inside all of us be fully expressed, and to experience connection with others in the world.  And I realized that changing the world was not outside of me.  I could not change the world if my own world was falling apart. I could not create a sustainable world if my life was not sustainable.  By caring for myself and tending to my soul’s desire first, I would find my true gifts and unapologetically radiate it to the world. This would cause ripples of change as people stood fully in their truths and their power.  And we would act.  Soon after this experience, Anastasia Finance was born.

How can you become an Empress?

Be who you are
Let it flow through you, and
Don’t stand in the way of how you need to express what you need to say, what you need to do, and what you need to believe.
Align all outflows of energy with who you are. Your intention, your focus, your time, and your money.

But to get there, you must first become the vulnerable, open hearted, fearless Empress of your life.

Why is the answer to be yourself?

When you tell your truth, people are going to feel something. They will be moved.
Without authenticity, there is no connection.
Vulnerability is the path to authenticity.

At Anastasia Finance, we work with the energy of money. We believe it can be pure and connected and full of love. And we believe that together, we can shift the system into one that is more inclusive of every living being.

Are you trying to Impress or are you being an Empress?

An Empress is powerful.  She delights in the natural world. She is the fertile, life-giving Mother who reigns over the bounty of nature and the rhythms of the Earth. Being an Empress means going to the essence of mothering – the creation of life and its sustenance through loving care and attention. An Empress goes beyond obligation and trying to control and instead, expresses her authentic self.

When we are willing to be vulnerable, open hearted, and fearless, that is when we become the Empress of our lives. That is when the greatest good can be served when we show up and offer to the world our gifts.

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To be vulnerable, we must be willing to speak up. To be open-hearted, we must be willing to express our truth; to let others know for what we stand. To be fearless, we must be willing to think big, be ourselves, and try our best. We have to be okay with rejection and still be willing to move forward.

We can learn how to operate in love instead of pain. Taking the journey from trying to impress to becoming an Empress is how we will learn to operate in love. This is how we will heal ourselves and heal our world.

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Heidi Cuppari
Founder & Senior Managing Partner, Anastasia Finance

Heidi is a Shakti Activation Facilitator & Trained Finance Professional, as well as a meta-leader in sustainable finance and impact investing and women’s leadership. Heidi listens deeply to her clients and spends time to help them get deeply aligned with their purpose, and remove any blockages that might be holding them back, leaving them feeling awake, activated, present, joyful and trusting of their own intuition.  Then, she helps them direct their finances and giving from that deeply aligned place.

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